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1. The sites shall be used by the users in all lawful manners without any breach of law of the land. Content used should not be offensive or transmit a message that is derogatory in nature. 2. Intellectual Property Rights can’t be tracked by the site. If a user posts or advertises products that have copyright issues can be solved once that is brought to light. through mutual means. The site is against the endorsement and advocacy of the products that may be subject to copyright. 3. Contents that lack in verification like copyright, acknowledgement, knowledge and contraventions may lead to issues. The site is not responsible for such contents posted by the users. 4. If any copyright or infringement issue crops up, the user shall be deleted permanently from the classified listing. It will be done under the Information Technology Act 1000 and no discussion pertaining to the action will occur. 5. In case of a conflict between the terms of the paid services and the provisions of the agreement, it is the website www. has the right to take any action for the solution. If the problem still persists, the paid services will continue to prevail. 6. The terms and conditions of the website can be amended by the Once they have been amended and approved, they will be posted on the site. There is no another way of modifying the terms unless in writing. 7. One who seeks membership in the website can seek for it. Once the activation request is submitted by the user, it is activated in two business days. The period will depend on the activation duration requested for. 8. Users or members should learn that the servers are third party owned which means that the site won’t be liable for any damage to your property or any hacking that may arise. To be on the safer side, members can back their messages up offline and save it in a secure manner. The user must be responsible for security and safety of the information , dial4trade takes no responsibility in any manner. . 9. The charges of membership are subject to change and alteration. They are also at the discretion of the site owners. 10. The company can deactivate and go offline any time. The users may not receive any clarification on the action. 11. The mode of communication to the users can be specified during the registration of the membership. It can be through calls, SMS, emails etc Use of Generally The site can be used by the users for personal use only. No property of the site can be used by the users or members for reselling or redistribution purpose. They also can’t be used for advertisement of a business that is in line with Not all contents displayed on the website are by Some of the contents are posted and displayed as they had been put on the site by other parties, users or third parties. is not responsible for incorrect information of erroneous content on display on the site. Users may have access to third party contents in the form of hyperlinks to those websites. Before using the contents and services of the third parties, recommends the reading and understanding of the terms and conditions by those third party websites. doesn’t have any rights and regulations over those sites and therefore, no product or service malfunctioning will be the site’s responsibility. Different users can have different access to various sites along with the features by specialised IT department of Dogmamart also has the right to tweak the features without any prior information for the upgrading software . No request for modification or change is encouraged or will be entertained. Users should ensure that the integrity is maintained while using site. Any infringement of the network or computer system used by the site will be taken seriously and actioned instantly.

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1. This privacy policy of is applicable to all confidential personal information that is collected on the site. In this policy, the site highlights how and why we tend to collect all relevant and accurate personal information and how we make use of it. 2. is dedicated to comply with legislations of governing privacy of confidential personal information by business and protects all your privacy in the best possible manner when you make deals with us. 3. Some information doled out by our clients, contractors, customers and other third parties may be considered as private or personal. Without these details we won’t be able to carry on the business initiate the services effectively. 4. Personal information collected from different people so that if you contact us for any issue, query, we keep complete record of that correspondence in the best effort basis. It can helps us to find solution and do root cause analysis of any issue or query raised by you. 5. The personal data collected by us is a step to make you aware of who we are, we also allow you to gain access to information held about you. 6. Use of information collected and disclosure of personal information to others. We might use or disclose any personal information that is held about an individual’s primarily for the purpose which it is collected. Such information may be collected for a purpose of maintaining records. The information is not disclosed to unwanted people. The information here is disclosed to people outside the periphery of our business in the situations set out in this policy or otherwise notified to you at the time of collection of the data. 7. When we suspect an unlawful action or may be engaged in or has been a part of the disclosure, it becomes important for us to investigate and report the matter to the relevant authorities. 8. When such disclosure is must under authorized law 9. Where we believe that the use of the disclosure is essential for the refrainment, investigation, punishment and prosecution of crimes or wrongdoings for conduct of proceedings afore any court or tribunal for the implementation of the order of the court or tribunal by the enforcement body. 10. Website may contain links of other websites and those of third parties that may collect personal information about you in which we are not liable in any manner. We are not at all responsible for the private practices of other businesses or the data on the websites that are linked to our websites. We on our portal encourage users to stay aware when they leave the site and read the privacy statements of each and every linked website. 11. Our portal places a great emphasis on the security of the information that is associated with our customers and contractors. We have complete security measures that protects against loss, alteration and misuse of any personal information that is under our control. 12. Personal information is to be de-identified or to be destroyed securely when no longer required by us. 13. The retains the information you dole out to us and comprises your contact and all credit details to ensure us that you verify transactions and customer details for adequate records for legal and accounting purposes. 14. All the major information stored with our computer can only be accessed by trust worthy authorities. 15. No data ought to be transmitted over digital world is 50 per cent secured. While we ensure to protect all personal information of yours, but anything transferred over internet or via online means of communication we don’t provide warranty or guarantee in that case. The receives your transmission and makes effort to ensure its security on its systems. 16. Finally users are solely responsible for keeping their passwords or any form of account information secret. You ought to be careful and responsible whenever you are online. You must not share your password with any one for safety and you shall be solely responsible for keeping privacy of your account. 17. Access to and correction of personal information We at are dedicated to maintain authentic and accurate information of our customers in the best possible manner. 18. we will provide you with the access to that information. if it is required by compliance.

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About Us DogmaMart is India’s online B2B marketing, connecting buyers with suppliers. Its provides a single platform to all the businesses (including SME’s & MSME’s) for the online promotion of their products and services. Its portal is an ideal forum for buyers and sellers. Digital marketing solution provider and an E- Marketplace. is the first company in the market which is providing E- Marketplace to SMEs & MSMEs along with solution like online promotion and trade promotional events. It is assisting manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, exports and others business. MISSION Mission should define the organization lines of business, indentify its products and services at present and the near futures. Mission is to ensure safe and secure online business for suppliers as well as buyers. VISION Passion an imagined idea or a good towards which one aspires. Good vision foster long-term thinking.DogmaMart is the B2B marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers .Digital marketing, facebook, marketing , social media marketing and online promotion and events. PASSION Passion is an intellectual, emotional, Mind and body soul in to something is possible. Passion work at DogmaMart involves constant innovation and reativity. It involves continuous thought process to get tangible for our customers. PRODUCT & SERVICES Core values- Direct the Behavior and decision-making of a company’s employes. CORE VALUES PASSION INTEGRITY COMMUNITY TEAM WORK VISSION We can achive the impossible is our belief. Our success is a result of our team work. We have expert from the field of marketing, promotion and management. The DogmaMart is online B2B marketplace, connecting with buyers and sellers. PRODUCT & SERVICES Product & services- DogmaMart is services provided in the online B2B marketplace, connecting buyers and suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers,Distributers and traders, Promotion trade show Organizers, SME’s & MSME’s etc.

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